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Zerker Ninja

Zerker Ninja is the Double Tribe form of Mega Man based on the power of the Sword of Zerker combined with the Star of Ninja.


Zerker Ninja keeps the same design as Thunder Zerker, which now main color is green, with yellow lines across the body, and the buster head now has a compact design.


Zerker Ninja is a skilled warrior who excels in both combat techniques and stealthiness from both tribes.

  • Element: BC Element Wood Wood
  • Train Combo: Can charge several non-dimming cards and use all of them consecutively without inducing flinching.
  • Elec cards +20 attack
  • Wood cards +20 attack
  • Side Select
  • Up + Y allows Mega Man to counter incoming attacks with a body double wood-element sword attack.
  • Charge Shot: Shinobi Shuriken (aka Shinobi Star)
  • Weakness: BC Element Heat Fire
  • LFB: Element Blade

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