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Yuichiro Hikari
Yuichiro Hikari in Mega Man Battle Network 2.

Yuichiro Hikari (光祐一朗 Hikari Yūichirō?) is a scientist famous for creating enhancements for PETs and is the creator of MegaMan who was born from the data of his son Hub Hikari. In the anime and games, he is shown to aid his son Lan Hikari and MegaMan when battling the bad guys by creating Dimensional Areas so that they could Cross Fuse. His father, Tadashi Hikari, created the PETs. Early on in the games and anime, he doesn't appear much as he's busy working in SciLab.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 2

In Battle Network 2, he is also the Navi Master and faces Lan in a Netbattle using copies of NetNavis found in the games.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Yuichiro takes a more prominent role in the asteroid crisis. He works with the other scientists to develop the Red Sun/Blue Moon Laser. Later when Dr. Regal is about to send LaserMan to Duo's asteroid, he confronts Dr. Regal but when Lan arrives, Dr. Regal ambushes him.

Mega Man Battle Network 5

He is kidnapped by Nebula in order for them to find out where Gow is. Yuichiro doesn't tell them, but they catch Gow anyway. He is rescued by Team ProtoMan/Team Colonel, but remains behind after Nebula Grey is defeated. He encourages Dr. Regal to turn his back on evil and tells him that he still has faith in him before fainting. He and Dr. Regal are rescued by Baryl.

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Yuichiro has to move to Cyber City to work on a new project with the Central Town mayor, Mayor Cain. He is later framed and arrested at Green Town by Prosecutor Ito. After the battle with the Cybeasts, he and his family return to ACDC Town.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

In the anime, he doesn't appear very often in the beginning of the series. But, he gives Lan a package which transforms his normal Navi into MegaMan. Later, he stays at SciLab and performs various research tasks, and assists Lan and the Cross Fusion Team.


Hikari means "light" in Japan.


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