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Yoka, known as Yokayoka Village (よかよか村 Yokayoka Mura) in Japan, is a town in Mega Man Battle Network 3 famous for its zoo. The zoo contains many animals. There is also a large inn in the village.

Mega Man Battle Network 3

Lan Hikari and MegaMan visit the town during a field trip from school. After viewing the zoo and returning to the inn for the night, the WWW NetNavi BeastMan hacks the zoo's system causing the animal cages to unlock and the animals to go insane trapping and attacking people. Lan and MegaMan jack-in and navigate their way through the system's cyberworld until reaching the hacker. MegaMan is able to defeat BeastMan and the zoo chaos subsides.

Tamako has a souvenir shop near the inn and challenges Lan and MegaMan to fight against her NetNavi, MetalMan.

The Undernet server is hidden in the inn.