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Yahoot, known as Maha Jarama (マハ・ジャラマ) in Japan, is the operator of MagicMan.EXE and a former WWW member. In the game, Yahoot was Wily's right hand man.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network

In the game, Yahoot spends most of the time by Wily's side, assisting him with his plans and relaying orders to the other WWW members. When Lan entered WWW's base, he and MagicMan guarded the door leading to the Life Virus. They were initially defeated by MegaMan, but Wily gives Yahoot a piece of the Life Virus's code, which he uses to upgrade MagicMan. MegaMan is no match for MagicMan's newly acquired strength, and is almost deleted in a single attack. Chaud and ProtoMan intervene, deleting MagicMan as he's charging another attack to finish off MegaMan. Yahoot is not seen again after this point, and presumably fled.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

In the anime, Yahoot had a much more prominent role compared to his video game counterpart. He was the host of a popular yoga television show. However, he was a member of the WWW and uses the show's popularity to wreak havoc by hypnotizing everyone watching it and making them lose control. However, he fails in his plans, because Maylu and Lan did not watch his show with everyone else. They challenge him and MagicMan who loses.

He later participates of the N1 Grand Prix and fights against MegaMan, but is defeated by a Program Advance. During StoneMan and BlasterMan's first battle he is the one that uncovers their identities as Solo NetNavis when he couldn't sense any life energy from their operators (which are revealed to be robots). He later poses as Higsby and gives a rare Battle Chip with negative effects to Maylu. The Devil Chip turns Roll against MegaMan, and she almost deletes him when the real Higsby arrives and tells them how to remove it.

After the downfall of Wily and PharaohMan, Yahoot calls the former WWW members to his home in Namasty and have a match against Lan. Yahoot is the world's greatest curry chief, and has a famous curry restaurant run by his family for generations, which is used in a trap for Lan. Yahoot's restaurant was destroyed after the battle, and the four WWW members decided to open the curry shop #1 Curry, with Yahoot working as chef, to raise funds to revive the organization. But, with time they start to live an honest life and didn't joined Wily after his return (but then again, Wily had no intention of reviving the WWW). Later, the four WWW members moved to Jawaii and opened the #2 Curry, closing #1 Curry.

With the WWW members moving, Yahoot's role was reduced from MegaMan NT Warrior Axess onward. In Axess, Dex wanted the WWW to train him in NetBattles so he could become stronger than Lan and MegaMan, but he and GutsMan were awful at it. Instead, Yahoot took him on as an apprentice, teaching him to prepare curry. Dex began working in the shop, and later he reopened Yahoot's #1 Curry in Rockman.EXE Stream.


  • In the anime, he has a long kept secret of his love of trains. Hence the steam locomotive the Ex-WWW members entered into the Net Mobile Grand Prix in Episode 47.
  • He bears a resemblance to Dhalsim from Street Fighter franchise.