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X Armor / All X Armor
Rockman X All X
X with the All X Armor

The X Armor (イクスアーマー Ikusu Āmā?, pronounced "iX" Armor), written as EX Armor in Bandai's Mega Armor line of figures, is an armor used by Mega Man X and Zero in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

When Return X was shot in his back by Enemice-HL, Return X decided to suspend his fight against X and Zero and temporarily fused with the two Maverick Hunters to improve their power, becoming the X Armor for them. When Zero was knocked out, the part of Return X that was on him moved to X, improving his armor and becoming the All X Armor.

After defeating Mix Forte, Enemice-HL used his Sigma Chip to turn into Sigma Limited, and he knocks down Zero. When Zero got unconscious, the part of Return X that was on him attached to X, becoming the All X Armor.

All X Armor

The All X Armor (アルイクスアーマー Aru Ikusu Āmā?, All "iX" Armor) is an armor made of Return X's body. X and Return X combined their busters into a powerful attack that defeated Sigma Limited, but the armor vanished because of the amount energy used, presumably destroying Return X. It is later revealed Return X survived.


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