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The Wojigairon (ウォージーガイロン Wōjīgairon?) is a giant quadrupedal dinosaur-like Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 2. It is the boss of the Saul Kada Ruins, attacking intruders with a shockwave, electric rings, a swat of its front legs, fire breath, lava rocks, and small fireballs. It can also drink lava to restore its health.

When Mega Man first encounters Wojigairon, it is impossible to defeat, as it can recover its health faster than Mega Man can damage it. The young Digger must enlist the help of the Bonnes to drain the lava from Wojigairon's lair before he can destroy it for good. 

Another Wojigairon appears in the Mother Zone of Elysium.


  • Wojigairon's appearance and part of its name, "Gairon", is possibly derived from Guiron (ギロン Giron), a monster from the movie Gamera vs. Guiron.

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