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Wind Soul

MegaMan.EXE performs Double Soul with WindMan.EXE by sacrificing a Wind-elemental Battle Chip.


  • North Wind:After performing the Double Soul, all Barriers and Auras are removed.
  • Airshoes: MegaMan can stand on holes.
  • Floatshoes: MegaMan is immune to harmful effects of panels.
  • While Wind Soul is in effect, the enemy will be attracted to the front row by a Fan-like effect.
  • All wind-elemental chips gain an ATK+10 bonus, which is best used with the multi-hitting Tornado chip.
  • Regular MegaBuster shots are transformed into a 5 damage AirShot, which can interrupt enemy attacks and knock obstacles around.
  • Charge Shot: WindRacket (a racket in a WideSword-like range of 50 damage that knocks the enemy to the back columns)
  • Weakness: The MegaBuster loses its rapid-fire ability, and the AirShot has a slightly long delay time. Also, all strategies of panel-breaking to avoid damage is now useless. And the Fan effect can make some Battle Chips miss, especially ones with locked effect.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • ColdMan.EXE - Use the AirShot Buster to knock his Ice Cubes into him, which will inflict 150 damage per cube. This also prevents him from pushing them to damage you.

Competitive Play

  • Players tend to use Wind Soul either to counter the infamous LifeAura+Sanctuary combo, in cases where NorthWind is unavailable to serve the same purpose.
  • Some also use it in Sword folders since the fan effect pulls opponents into range of the Sword attacks.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

When Lan and MegaMan visit Scissors Island, they befriend Lilly and WindMan. After NeedleMan.EXE steals an ancient relic, MegaMan uses WindSoul to drive him off.

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