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The Wily Tower (ワイリータワー Wairī Tawā) is Dr. Wily's main stronghold in Mega Man 8. Located within a volcano at the Middle East, the Wily Tower contains a powerful force field around it. Mega Man defeats four Robot Masters to find a way to disable the force field and enter the fortress.

Below is a list of all the stages and their enemies from Wily Tower.

Stage 1

The first stage is the castle catacombs. It is identical to Frost Man's stage, in that it is navigated mostly on a jet sled, and contains dangerous jumps. It also has several gaps that must be crossed by swinging over them.


Stage 2

The second stage involves a long flight on Rush Jet, similar to Tengu Man's stage.


Stage 3

The third stage takes place directly inside the tower

IMG 0023


Stage 4

Robot Master Rematches and Wily Machine

Other media

The Wily Tower appears in the Rockman 8 manga. It also appears briefly in the end of Mega Man Gigamix, where Dr. Wily starts a new attempt to conquer the world.


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