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Wily Patrol.

Wily Patrol (ワイリーパトロール?) is a group in the manga Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues formed by Dr. Wily and his robots to help maintain peace, fighting against robots that have gone out of control. Dr. Light (actually a fake created by Dr. Wily) join forces with the Wily Patrol, increasing its strength. When Mega Man discovers that Wily was behind the robots going out of control, the recovered robots and Dr. Cossack's four robots fight against the Wily Patrol while Mega Man goes after Dr. Wily inside the Wily Patrol headquarters. Wily manages to escape, but the Wily Patrol is obliterated.

Known members

*Note: Guts Man and Bomb Man only appeared in the title page of chapter 2. They are not present in the story.


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