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Wibbledee, known as Purumin (プルミン) in Japan, is a water enemy found in the Mega Man Star Force series. They are raindrop-shaped creatures with two fins, and are covered in water. They move by hopping around, and are invincible while in the air. After hopping three times, a Wibbledee will turn red before attacking with a Wide Wave, an aqua-element attack that covers all three columns, as long as the Wibbledee fires it from the center column. Wide Waves can be blocked.

Wibbledee Family

Wibbledee / WibbledeeG

Wibbledee: A blue variety.

Wibbledoo / WibbledooG

Wibbledoo: A green variety.

Wibbledum / WibbledumG

Wibbledee: A purple variety.

Battle Cards

Viruses from the Wibbledee family drop the Battle Card Wide Wave (ワイドウェーブ).

Mega Man Star Force

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
055SF BC 055Wide Wave 170Send out a wave a row wide!
056SF BC 056Wide Wave 290Send out a wave a row wide!
057SF BC 057Wide Wave 3120Send out a wave a row wide!

Mega Man Star Force 3

IDBattle CardAttackDescription
070 SF BC 055 Wide Wave 1 70 Send out a wave a row wide
071 SF BC 056 Wide Wave 2 90 Send out a wave a row wide
072 SF BC 057 Wide Wave 3 120 Send out a wave a row wide
Illegal Card WideWaveX Wide Wave X 150 Send out a wave a row wide