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Whazzap, and the statue of the Great Budicus.
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Whazzap, known as Nanska (ナンスカ Nansuka?) in Japan, is a small village from Netopia accessible in Mega Man Star Force 2. This is where Bud Bison falls from the sky. He loses his memory temporarily, but regains it later. Rogue is fought for the second time here with the first time being in Echo Ridge. Solo (Rogue) appears and is threatening Bud. After Mega Man defeats Rogue, Hollow takes an injured Solo back to Lady Vega. The Shaman is then given an ancient Star Carrier and becomes Terra Condor. Later when Mega Man is about to go back to Echo Ridge, Bud calls Geo Stelar and tells him that a giant bird (Terra Condor), has kidnapped their friends. After a few challenges, Mega Man fights Terra Condor. Terra Condor threatens to tickle Luna Platz and company. Mega Man fights Terra Condor and wins. After the battle, the Shaman returns to normal and apologizes.

Whazzap Lines

Further inside the village of Whazzap, there are the mystirious Whazzap Lines, who are drawn as symbols for the great empire, Mu. The lines include:

Whazzap Ruins

The most ancient and sacred in the whole of Whazzap area, are the Whazzap Ruins. It is an ancient temple for the land of Mu, which only The Shaman is allowed to enter. Pat was training in this area, in order to subdue his evil alter-ego, Rey.

During the secret ending of MegaMan Star Force 2, Rogue takes Mega Man into the peak of the Whazzap Ruins, and they battle their ultimate battle.


  • Whazzap is possible derived from the phrase "What's up?". The Japanese name, Nanska, may be derived from Nazca, and also the phrase なんすか? ("nansuka?", an informal way to ask, "What is it?")
  • The people of Whazzap also communicate by starting their sentences with the term "Whazzap" as Geo finds out when he asks the leader why people keep saying Whazzap.
  • The Whazzap Lines are an obvious reference to the Nazca Lines.


  • In the Tribe series of the anime, Shaman mentions that every year there is a festival in which a bird selects a victim and offers their heart to God. This action was performed by Chichen Itza. The chosen human must give his most precious treasure to God.

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