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Wave Man
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Wave Man is one of the six Robot Masters from the Mega Man 3 (PC) computer game for DOS. This version of Wave Man is not the same one as Wave Man from Mega Man 5.

Wave Man is an aquatic Robot Master that uses a high-pressured water cannon known as the Water Shooter to eliminate his foes at a distance. However, due to his reliance on water, Wave Man is weak against Shark Man's Shark Boomerang. He is found on a tanker docked at some sort of loading platform.


Mega Man Battling Wave Man.


Mega Man 3 PC/DOS - Wave Man Stage    
Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 1 - Wave Man04:32

Mega Man 3 PC DOS Stage 1 - Wave Man




  • Wave Man is obviously based on Air Man, as his appearance remains mostly unchanged, save for a darker shade of blue, the fan being replaced by water guns, a purple belt, and the top of his legs having a purple part. Also, his mugshot is an edit of Air Man's.
  • Wave Man is weak to Shark Boomerang, but all other weapons in the game other than his own Water Shooter can do extra damage to him.
  • Although Wave Man's stage is a tanker, he is fought in a small separate room underneath it.

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