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MMBN - Wily's Hideout

WWW Research Facility

The WWW Research Facility (WWWの研究所) is the hideout of the criminal organization World Three (WWW) in the first Mega Man Battle Network game.


Mega Man Battle Network

The WWW Research Facility is hidden deep in the mountains, but there is no apparent way to enter it from land and air. When Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE try to find a way to reach the place and stop Wily from launching the rocket with the Dream Virus, they discover that there is a secret Metroline leading to the WWW labs, a station being hidden under the statue from the ACDC Elementary School. Mayl sees Lan going inside.

Inside the hideout, Lan finds former WWW members Higsby, Ms. Yuri and an old man tied up and frees them, getting their assistance, and later Mayl, Dex, Yai, Dr. Froid, and Chaud appear to help. After facing MagicMan and receiving a fatal blow, ProtoMan saves MegaMan and Chaud gives an important message from Yuichiro Hikari to Lan revealing that MegaMan was created with the DNA of his deceased twin brother, Hub, and installing the Hub.BAT on him will save him and increase his power, but at the risk of synchronizing with Lan. Lan does it and MegaMan is saved. They proceed to stop the Life Virus, and its defeat causes the virus to spread in the WWW Research Facility and destroys the place.

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