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Volteel Biblio (ヴォルティール・ビブリーオ Vorutīru Biburīo) is one of the bosses in Mega Man Zero 3. A Mutos Reploid based on an electric eel, he is one of the Eight Gentle Judges brainwashed by Dr. Weil as one of "Weil's Numbers". Volteel's personality is eccentric, as to maintain his compressed form, he removed the protection of his power generator. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the generator caused damage to his brain, and he needs regular maintenance to avoid defects. When Zero goes to the ruins of an ancient library to search for Secret Disks about Weil, Omega, Dark Elf, and the Elf Wars Volteel appears and fights against him to protect the data.

Volteel also makes a cameo in Mega Man Zero 4 as one of Dr. Weil's first form attacks, where an image of him appears and electrifies the floor.


Volteel attacks by releasing electric spheres from his tail, while hiding in holes. He will sometimes exit the holes to charge the entire room with electricity/attack with his tail and will also stretch out his two tails to attack. If the player has rank A or S, Volteel will use V Laser, in which he shoots two electric spheres from his tail. Defeating him gives Zero the "Shadow Dash" Foot Chip and, if at A or S rank, the V-Shot ability.


Nickname: Skilled Eel Lightning God (Nouman Raijin, 能鰻雷神)
EX Skill: V Laser (Vレーザー)
Volteel Biblo repeatedly sends out two electric beams from his tails, angled like a V.

Mission: Retrieve Data File
Zero's EX Skill: V-Shot

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