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Volt Tornado
XVoltTornado AxlVoltTornado
Mega Man X and Axl equipped with Volt Tornado.
"Unleashes an electric tornado great for reaching enemies in high places!"
Alia, describing X's Volt Tornado, Mega Man X7

Volt Tornado, also known as Voltornado (ボルトルネード Borutorunēdo?) in Japan, is a weapon X and Axl receive when Tornado Tonion is defeated in Mega Man X7. Both create an electrified spiral that rolls forward after a few seconds (in Axl's case, he needs to equip the Ray Gun to use it). While not possessing the vertical reach of Zero's Raijinshou, this weapons horizontal range makes it effective for clearing out groups of enemies. X's charged version surrounds him in a special electric field. It generates Life Energy when contact with enemies.

This weapon is Splash Warfly's weakness, and is also very useful against Red.


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