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The Utagai Area is an invention that appeared in the anime Shooting Star Rockman Tribe. It is a variation of the Matter Waves from the games.


Created by Tom Dubius (Utagai Shinsuke in Japan), the Utagai Area can manipulate the quantum properties of the field it generates to simulate any of a variety of situations. It is still experimental, Tom's primary method of testing it is to invite Geo and friends to play various mini-games within its confines, one particular example being when the game for the day was to essentially surf simulated ocean waves using surfboards generated by the Star Carrier.

Tom's Star Carrier has the ability to generate solid objects around itself, such as the above surfboards. In certain cases, the Star Carrier may even materialize special EM guns that can be used to fight against materialized EM Viruses, though they seem to be inferior to the top-grade rifles employed by the Satella Police, which also come from the AMAKEN facilities.

Similar technology

While the Utagai Area was invented by Tom, it would appear that he was not the only person able to create that particular technology. Empty, Dr. Vega's assistant, entirely consists of a small, centralized, perfectly functioning (Tom's invention is still in the testing phase) rendition of the Utagai Area. This renders him nigh invulnerable and incredibly powerful, as he demonstrates when he easily vanquishes Dark Phantom and Yeti Blizzard - even Mega Man as Thunder Zerker can only barely hold him off. Empty's primary limit comes in the form of the fact that he has no true core - his inner nature must rely on an external power source, and in his initial appearance, he is unable to escape the bounds of Vega's limousine. This limitation is removed when he imbibes the Dinosaur and Shinobi OOPArts and may stand on his own.

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