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  • YamatoMan

    Megaman and Bass GBA

    August 10, 2012 by YamatoMan

    THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH, it's just the database, but i will compile one of this game at a later date. at the moment i am just doing a run through tho get the basics of the game. Feel free to add more to the parts i lack.

    ) Bass

    This is all of the characters and their description in my database right now, i will continue to add as i go trough the game.

    001. sorry, i don't have this yet ( i think this one is megaman)

    002. Roll

    A house keeping rodot created by Dr. Light. She is the sister of megaman.

    Good Point: Helpful

    Bad Point: Cowardice

    Like: Cooking

    'Dislike: 'Cockroaches

    003. sorry, i haven't recieved this one yet

    004. Guts man

    A civil engineer robot. He is so powerful that he can lift and carry a rock of two tons.

    Good Point: Sentimental

    Bad Point: One-trac…

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