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October 6, 2015
  • I live in Nonya, Business, USA
  • My occupation is Geek/Nerd
  • I am Male
  • Stevethebarbarian

    About four hours ago I wrote a 6000 character description of a Mega Man crossover game. I tried to post it, discovering that I had somehow been logged out in the middle of writing it. This is me trying to reproduce it. But I am not going to write it in as much detail. At least not right away.

    Mushroom Man (A robot master based on Mario)

    Inhale Man (A robot master based on Kirby)

    Hero Man (A robot master based on Link)

    Gorrilla Man (A robot master based on Donkey Kong)

    Metroid Woman (A robot master based on Samus)

    Angel Man (A robot master based on Pit)

    Boxer Man (A robot master based on Little Mac)

    Poke Man (A robot master based on Pikachu)

    Super Mushroom: Doubles Mega Man's size. Increases jump height, damage, defense, and speed. Cannot be used in…

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