What are your favorite Mega Man musics?

I have my favorites. I'll organize them in the list below.

Mega Man Classics Series

Mega Man 1-

The stage themes of Cut Man, Guts Man, and Elec Man.

The Wily boss theme.

Mega Man 2-

The theme of the first Wily stage(Who doesn't like that theme? Anyone who hates this theme is a Nazi or a Communist)

Air Man's theme

Mega Man 3-

The boss theme

Top Man's stage theme

Mega Man 4-

The boss theme

Mega Man 5-

The boss theme

Mega Man 6-

The boss theme

Mega Man 7-

The intro stage theme

The boss theme

Mega Man 8-

The stage select theme

The boss theme

Tengu Man's theme(both the PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions)

Mega Man & Bass-

The boss theme

The Get A Weapon theme

The themes of Tengu Man, Ground Man, Pirate Man, and Burner Man.

Note: I prefer the GBA version to the SNES version.

Mega Man 9-

The boss theme

Mega Man 10-

I don't know anything I like, but I know that it has the worst boss theme ever.

Mega Man X series

First game-

Zero's theme

Storm Eagle's theme.

Boss theme

Intro stage theme

Mega Man Star Force series

Mega Man Star Force 3-

I really like the start menu theme and the boss theme. There are also other themes I like, such as the theme that plays in the cutscene before the battle against Queen Virgo.

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