Need Help with Wikia Coding

Hey folks! First thing, I'm here to fix typos and right wrongs. Second, I didn't realize I had written up a number of my fan characters to this site (on my userpage) - I will start work on filling that info out for myself, and any who are curious about them.

But the main reason for this first blog post of mine... I am curious if anyone knows the coding to create a space within a subsection so that the next subsection to follow only begins after everything from the last subsection is shown? I could have sworn that it was { clear } (but with two brackets), but apparently it is not and I cannot find any information on it on Google. I know I filled it out recently on a few articles I've worked on but I work on several wikias and do not know exactly where or even exactly when it was that I did that, so that does not really help me, with hundreds of articles under my belt in the last few weeks.

Allow me to provide an example:

Example Subsection

Nunchaku Man

A random image of my own creation to help show what I am referring to.

If I knew what the coding for this was, the next subsection below this would only start below this image; in other words, the 'line' of the subsection would appear directly below the image description.

End Example Subsection

If anyone can help clear this up for me (no pun intended), I would GREATLY appreciate it. This time, I'd save info on the coding.
-- Somarinoa 05:37, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

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