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So I have a lot of ideas for a new Mega Man tv show that binds together the Game Series,Other Shows Characters,Comic Elements,ect. It would be 30 minutes long and  the name of it would be Mega Man Chronicles. So here is what I have. More coming soon...

List of Main Characters


Light Brigade- Dr. Light(Leader) Mega Man,Proto Man,Roll,Cut Man,Guts Man,Ice Man,Bomb Man,Fire Man,Elec Man,Time Man,Oil Man,Concrete Man,Tornado Man,Splash Woman,Plug Man,Jewel Man,Hornet Man,Magma Man,Galaxy Man,and Bond Man

Maverick Hunters- Mega Man X,Zero,Chill Penguin,Spark Mandrill,Armored Armadillo,Launch Octopus,Boomer Kuwanger,Sting Chameleon,Storm Eagle,and Flame Mammoth

Light Assistants- Roll,Rush,Beat,Tango,Eddie,Auto,Suprise Man,Shake Man,Giga Auto,Massage Man,TV Man,Watermelon Man,Submarine Man,Handsome Man(Sexy Man),


Game Adaptions

There would be references to games through places,characters,items,mentioning,ect. But these are the biggest:

Mega Man/Mega Man Powered Up-It takes place right after Mega Man/Mega Man Powered Up.(Issue 1)

Mega Man 2-Has the Eight Robot Masters and bosses(Issues 5-8)

Mega Man 3

Mega Man 4

Mega Man 5

Mega Man 6

Mega Man 7

Mega Man 8

Mega Man 9

Mega Man 10

Mega Man and Bass

Super Adventure Rockman-The story is very simular but has changes. (Issues N/A)

Mega Man The Wily Wars

Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge

Mega Man ll

Mega Man lll

Mega Man lV

Mega Man V

Characters Indroduced in the Show

Original Characters are introduced after Issue 8 and some of them are based off of concepts.

Victoria Wily-Dr. Wily's niece, trouble maker.

All Robot Masters without NetNavi(.EXE) counterpart

Cement Man-Based off of Concrete Man. Wily's replacement of Tornado Man

Ocean Man-Based off of Splash Woman. Wily's replacement of Splash Woman

Plasma Man-Based off of Plug Man. Wily's replacement of Plug Man

Diamond Man-Based off of Jewel Man. Wily's replacement of Jewel Man

Honey Woman-Based off of Hornet Man. Wily's replacement of Hornet Man

Lava Woman-Based off of Magma Man. Wily's replacement of Magma Man

Space Man-Based off of Galaxy Man. Wily's replacement of Galaxy Man

Episode Summaries

Episode 1

"Powered Up" Part 1- The episode begins when Mega Man leaves the Wily Castle. He teleports to Light Laboratory and finds that Dr. Light had teleported the Robot Masters back to Light Laboratory. Dr. Light dereprogrammed and the Robot Masters joined the created the Light Brigade. Just then Dr. Wily returned with Copy Robot, the Wily Machine,Mega Man?,Wily Bots,and the Yellow Devil attacked the City. The Light Brigade teleported in and attacked Dr. Wily's forces. Mega Man went head to head with Mega Man ?, Cut Man and Guts Man attack the Wily Bots, Oil Man and Elec Man attack the Wily Machine,Time Man and Fire Man attack the Yellow Devil,and Ice Man and Bomb Man attack Copy Robot. Mega Man and Mega Man ? each use the Mega Buster against each other. Until Mark kicks Rock in his stomach. He falls to the ground and when Mark gets ready for a charged shock, Mega Man disappears and reappears behind him and uses Guts Man's Super Arm to throw him. Rock reveals it was because of Time Man's Time Slow, that he was able to get away fast. Meanwhile Guts Man and Cut Man are having trouble being surrounded by hundreds of Wily Bots. But due to Time Man and Fire Man's fight with the Yellow Devil, dozens of Wily Bots are wiped out. The Yellow Devil seems to be invincible to Time Man and Fire Man, but they figure out from Rock that its weakness is its eye. They begin attacking its eye, but it forms into a huge wave of goop and knocks them down. Oil Man sends Elec Man to help them. But then he is knocked back by the Wily Machine. Ice Man and Bomb Man are the only ones not having trouble as they are easily defeating him. Ice Man makes ice all over the ground and is able to skate around on it while Copy Robot slips and slides. While Bomb Man troubles him with his bombs. They then defeat Copy Robot and he uses all of his remaining energy to teleport back to the Wily Castle. Bomb Man and Ice Man then see that all the Robot Master's are almost defeated. But then the Yellow Devil(still with Time Man and Fire Man trapped in the wave), ram into them and trap them. Elec Man gets trapped too. Guts Man and Cut Man run away while the wave of goop destroys all the Wily Bots. They then are cornered, as Mega Man is also cornered by Mega Man ? and the Wily Machine...

First Appearences

Characters: Mega Man (Rock)

Dr. Wily

Dr. Light

Cut Man

Guts Man

Ice Man

Bomb Man

Fire Man

Elec Man

Time Man

Oil Man

Coby Robot(Mega Man)

Mega Man ? (Mark)

Yellow Devil

Sniper Joe



Changkey Maker(Hothead)



Big Eye

Picket Man


Mega City

Wily Castle

Vehicles/Machines and Items:

Wily Machine No. 1

Episode 2

"Powered Up Part 2- Where we just left out, the Robot Masters were captured by the Yellow Devil and Mega Man was cornered by Mega Man? and the Wily Machine. Mega Man manageds to trap Mega Man? in ice while he takes on the Wily Machine.(We see Wily's point of video and it shows his "HP" going down). He then shoots at Mega Man but Mega Man runs away towards the "goop" that has cornered Guts Man and Cut Man. Mega Man blasts the Yellow Devil. It shoots its arm down on Mega Man and takes him too. Just when hope is about to be lost, the (fat) Yellow Devil shakes as it walks towards Guts Man and Cut Man. All of a sudden the Yellow Devil bursts. Mega Man said his plan was to have the Yellow Devil capture him while he was charging his shot. Dr. Wily tries to flee but the Light Brigade attack him. He then has the escaped Mega Man? to cover him while he attemps a risking plan. He then presses a button and the remains of the Yellow Devil come to the Wily Machine and transform into the Wily Machine Devil. He then attacks the Light Brigade. They manage to escape from his yellow goop blasts. Out of nowhere Mega Man? attacks Mega Man. Cut Man comes to help Rock while the others take on the Wily Machine Devil.Back at Light Laboratory,Roll shows Dr. Light the News,it shows the battle between the Light Brigade and Dr. Wily. Then Mark sees that Chest, Plum and Ripot are filming the battle and attacks them. Mega Man saves them, and hits Mega Man? with a charged shot that damages him. Cut Man manages to cut how Mega Man?'s mega buster with his Rolling Cutter, but with his other hand he forms a Mega Buster. But again Mega Man manages to damage him(even further) with a charged shot. Cut Man and Mega Man help the others take down Dr. Wily. Mega Man then decides they should use their weapons all together to destroy the machine. Cut Man and Mega Man attack the machine with Rolling Cutters,Guts Man and Mega Man use their Super Arms to punch the machine,Ice Man and Mega Man use Ice Slashers to freeze and cut the machine, and so on with each Robot Master. Mega Man then finishes the machine with a charged shot. Dr. Wily flees in his Wily Capsule and Guts Man throws Mega Man? at Dr. Wily. Later at the Wily Castle,Wily prepares for his new plans...

First Appearences








Machines/Vehicles and Items:

Wily Machine Devil 

Episode 3

"Rock and Roll"- In Light Labs, Dr. Light gets a message from the major stating that Dr. Wily was attacking the capital and used a weapon to stop from being able to teleport,that he had kidnapped the Robot Masters. Mega Man is sent after Dr. Wily. When he arrives, Mega Man? appears and attacks him. He says that nothing will stop him and that Mega Man is going down. The fight seems to be even, until the Yellow Devil appears and defeats Mega Man. Dr. Light sees that Mega Man is down and Roll says she will have him upgrade her so she can help Rock. He gives her a Mega Buster and Armor. She takes the Light Cruiser to the Caitol building. When it seems to be over, Roll appears and attacks the Yellow Devil. Rock uses the master weapons and brings Mega Man? to the ground. Roll and Rock deliver the finishing blasts and then attack the Yellow Devil. After defeating the Yellow Devil, Dr. Wily attacks them in the Wily Machine No. 1 X. He fires missiles at them.(The fight is outside the Capitol). They manage to dodge them and they both hit him with a charged shot. It doesn't seem effective so Rock uses every Master weapon but still can't stop him. Dr. Wily fires a beam that knock Rock and Roll to the ground. He fires eight missiles at them but the Robot Masters appear and destroy them. The Light Brigade(and Roll) get up and all attack Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily then calls upon thousands of Wily Bots to attack them. They try to use their master weapons(mega busters for Rock and Roll) to fend off the Robots but the robots overpower them. When all hopes seem lost, Mega Man remembers the Magnet Beam and uses it to get everyone above the Robots. Mega Man then gives the Magnet Beam to Roll to keep the platform up while he and Guts Man have everyone else use their weapons to help them from above. Mega Man and Guts Man are able to push the robots back, theyh manage to take out at least a thousand of them. The battle is intense but the Light Brigade manage to defeat the Wily Bots. Wily flees in the Wily Capsule. Later the Light Brigade helps clean up all the mess. Dr. Wily knows that his plans will be finished soon, he just needs one more great distraction...

First Appearences


The Mayor 


Flying Shell

Octopus Battery

Screw Bomber

Super Cutter

Cutting Wheel

Screw Bomber

Crazy Razy

Foot Holder




Flying Shell

Killer Bullet

Tackle Fire


Kaminari Goro Places: Capitol Building

Machines/Vechicles and Items:

Wily Machine No. 1 X

Light Cruiser

Episode 4

"Copy Cat"- The episode begins with Dr. Wily sends Mega Man? to lead the Light Brigade into an abandoned warehouse where they are hit by copy machines and a copy of each of them are made. They each take on their own copy. The battle is even. Each using their weapons on the Copy Robots. (I'm not typing the whole battle so lets just say they battle for a few pages) The Light Brigade get exhausted and damaged. Mega Man then suggests they switch Copies. Guts Man went after the Copy Cut Man.Time Man goes after the Copy Guts Man.Bomb Man goes after Copy Ice Man.Cut Man goes after Copy Bomb Man.Ice Man goes after Copy Fire Man.Oil Man goes after Copy Elec Man.Elec Man goes after Copy Time Man.Fire Man goes after Copy Oil Man. The Robot Masters manage to defeat the copies and join Mega Man in defeating Copy Mega Man. Later at Light Laboratory, Dr. Light got a call saying that a man called him and has spotted a red robot master that whistles.He sends the Light Brigade to the area.

First Appearences


Copy Robot(Cut Man,Guts Man,Ice Man,Bomb Man,Fire Man,Elec Man,Time Man,and Oil Man) Proto Man(mentioned only)



Machines/Vechicles and Items:

Copy Machine

Episode 5

"The New Masters"-The episode begins with Dr. Wily preparing his new Robot Masters. He then sends Metal Man to destroy Mega Man. Metal Man shows up in Mega City. He fights several police officers until Rock teleports in and blasts him with his Mega Buster. The two battle it out. Metal Man uses his Metal Blade on Mega Man. Mega Man tries to use the Oil Slider to jam up his controls, but he seems to not have a weakness to it. Then a blader appears and has a message from Dr Wily saying that every Robot Master has a weakness,but he's using the wrong weapon. So Mega Man can't use any weapon agaisnt him. He still manages to defeat Metal Man and take his weapon. Meanwhile in the mountains the rest of the Light Brigade are talking to a man who stated he was hiking and spotted a strange red robot. Back at Dr. Wily's base, two Sniper Joes appear with a damaged Metal Man. Dr. Wily is furious and sends Air Man and Bubble Man to defeat Mega Man. When they show up, Mega Man is talking to Plum about the battle for the news when they use both the Air Shooter and Bubble Lead on Mega Man.Mega Man shoots at them several times but they get away. He chases after them, but they manage to disappear. Mega Man takes out Metal Blades and when Air Man and Bubble Man try to ambush him, he throws the Metal Blades them and Bubble Man gets knocked down. Mega Man gets two more blades and defeats Bubble Man. He then goes after Air Man and defeats him. Rock teleports back to Light Laboratory to get a Tank to boost his energy. Back at the Wily Castle, Wily is furious that Air Man and Bubble Man failed so he sends Quick Man and Crash Man to destroy Rock. Quick Man and Crash Man break into Light Laboratory and attack Rock,Roll,and Dr. Light. Crash Man manages to knock Mega Man back with his Crash Bomber. Quick Man bends two of his Quick Boomerangs to trap Roll and Dr. Light. Just then Flash Man,Heat Man,and Wood Man appear out of nowhere to make sure Rock is destroyed. But Rock jumps on Item-1 and hovers out of Light Labs. Crash Man shoots a Crash Bomber and the Item-1 is destroyed. He tries to fend them off by hinding behind Item-3 but their weapons destroy it. Mega Man uses the Air Shooter to blow them away and it seems Crash Man is weak to it. He uses it on Crash Man until he is defeated. Mega Man hits Flash Man with the Crash Bomber,takes the Time Stopper and defeats Quick Man, then uses the Bubble Lead to stop Heat Man, and finally takes the Atomic Fire to burn Wood Man until he is defeated. With all the Robot Masters defeated and their weapons collected Mega Man frees Dr. Light and Roll. He then gets on the Item-2 to fly to the Wily Castle to defeat him.

First Appearences


Metal Man

Air Man

Bubble Man

Quick Man

Crash Man

Flash Man

Heat Man

Wood Man



Machines/Vehicles and Items:





Episode 6

"Boss Rush"- Mega Man ridng the Item-3 arrives at the Wily Castle and sees that Dr. Light has prepared obstacles for him. He manages to destroy them and make his way to the first enemy, the Picopico-kun He fights it and manages to destroy it.(The battles are much longer then put but I am shorting them out) Then he moves on and again battles some robots and fights the Guts Tank. He remarks on how it looks very simular to Guts Man, before he is almost smashed. He gets away and finds that the robots are getting harder to beat. He then runs into a the Boobeam Trap. After getting blasted in the arm he uses the Crash Bomber to destroy all the Boobeams. He flies the Item-2  and shoots a few robots and comes across the Mecha Dragon. He fights it and uses all the Robot Master weapons but they don't seem to have an affect on it. It shoots a huge blast of fire and he gets the Atomic Fire to match it. He shoots the Atomic Fire from his Mega Buster and throws Quick Boomerangs with his hand. The Mecha Dragon is defeated and he moves on through the castle defeating more and more enemies. When he gets through one door, the eight robot masters he had defeated earlier are there and they are mad...

First Appearences





Fly Boy (Prop-Top)


Big Fish


Crazy Cannon

Guts Tank

Neo Metall

Sniper Armor

Boobeam Trap





Mecha Dragon



Goblin with Petit Goblin








Tackle Fire







Needle Press


Wily Castle(Throughout it)

Machines/Vehicles and Items:


Episode 7

"Rematch and Revenge"-Mega Man is flying away on the Item-2 as fast as he can away from the Robot Masters. He knows he can't stop all eight of them at a time as he barely defeated five of them alone. They manage to knock him off the Item-2 and destroy it. He is corned by all of them until the rest of the Light Brigade come and attack the masters. Cut Man vs Metal Man, Elec Man vs Quick Man,Bomb Man vs Crash Man, Time Man vs Flash Man,Fire Man vs Heat Man,Guts Man vs Air Man,Ice Man vs Bubble Man,and Oil Man vs Wood Man. Mega Man knows they'll be able to handle them and moves to find Wily. He finds the Wily Machine No. 2 and attacks him. He uses the Atomic Heat,Metal Blade, and Crash Bomber to destroy most of the machine(the issue is way longer just I'm not putting all of the fights and Mega Man moving through the Wily Castle in it). But Dr. Wily shoots multiple bouncing balls at Mega Man. Mega Man uses all the weapons in order and is able to destroy the Wily Machine. He grabs Dr. Wily's arm but Dr. Wily morphs into an Alien and says that he never thought a stupid robot would find out is true idenity...

First Appearences





Machines/Vehicles and Items:

Wily Machine No. 2

Episode 8

"Alien Abduction"-Mega Man is confused and asking a bunch of questions to the Alien. It then blasts him with a laser. He hits it with a Metal Blade, but it takes it and multiplys it throwing six Metal Blades at Rock. He gets hit by one and is knocked down. He tries to use each Robot Master weapon from the 2nd Line but the only one that hurts it is the Bubble Lead. Mega Man tries to hit it with his normal Mega Buster but it doesn't seem to get hurt. He uses a charged shot and it sends the Alien flying. He then thinks on how he can stop the Alien. Meanwhile the Robot Masters are having trouble dealing with the Robot Masters as their attacks seem to be countered blow for blow. Metal Man says that they are the perfected Robot Masters and that the Light Brigade are just the test subjects. Guts Man then punches Metal Man down. Air Man comes after Guts Man but he throws Metal Man at him. Back at Mega Man, he discovers that the Alien is weak to the Bubble Lead and Charged Shot. He switchs his Mega Buster into making charged shots to shoot, then shooting with the Bubble Lead. All of a sudden the whole Castle shakes. The walls and ceiling start falling apart and the floor is cracking. Mega Man finishes the Alien and discovers it was a hologram. He finds Wily and gets him out of the castle. Meanwhile the Light Brigade see Rock fleeing and leave with him. The other Robot Masters are smashed by the falling ceiling and the Light Brigade and Wily get out alive. When Rock and the others are watching the Wily Castle collapse Dr. Wily presses a button and the Wily Capsule appears and he gets away saying he will rebuild his Robot army and his Wily Castle to be even more superior!

First Appearences





Machines/Vehicles and Items:


Episode 9

"Meet the Family"-The episode begins with Dr. Light finishing Mega Man's new dog, Rush. Mega Man is excited to see the first support unit and his very own dog. Dr. Light shows Mega Man all of Rush's functions. Mega Man wants to test out the Rush Jet, he flies it over to Monsteropolis, Mega City's sister city. Mega Man gets to Monsteropolis and finds several buildings have graffiti all over them. Rock sees that Wily is signed at the bottom of each one. He investigates and finds a young girl. He askes if she knows anything and she says that it was her. Mega Man asks her why and she simply answers it was for her Uncle and then she runs off. Rush runs after her and Mega Man trails behind. Victoria slides under a building and Mega Man manages to see that she has some sort of small secret base under the building. Victoria yells that she knows Mega Man can't slide and that he can't fit under and neither can his dog. Mega Man goes back to Light Laboratory and tells Dr. Light what happened. Dr. Light laughed and says he will just simply give Rock the ability to slide. Dr. Light tells Rock that he should leave after sunset. Before Rock leaves he thinks about all the abilites he has now-Mega Buster,Teleporting,Mega Arm, Magnet Beam,Mega Upper,Weapon Copy System,Weapons from 16 Robot Masters, and now sliding. He also thinks of items that he's always using. Before he mentions the first item Dr. Light comes in and tells him its time to get Victoria. Mega Man finds Victoria doing graffiti and attacks her,she again runs off and hides in her base. But this time Rock slides and finds her, he sees the Robot Masters that he had previously defeated and realizes that Victoria is Dr. Wily's niece. He askes her what she is doing and she replies helping him out while he finishes his plans... Mega Man realizes Dr. Wily is planning something big and attacks Victoria, but Mega Man? and Copy Robot(Mega Man) appear and attack him. Mega Man tries to fend them off but they have all of his weapons. Then the eight Robot Masters are sent and he knows he's doomed. When all hopes seem to lost of course the Light Brigade(with Rush and Roll) burst in and attack the Robot Masters. Mega Man fights Mega Man? and Rush attacks him. The Light Brigade fight the Robot Masters and Mega Man goes after Victoria. Victoria tells Mega Man that he's not even a perfect robot yet and he will fail soon. But Mega Man tells her that his work with the Light Brigade and fighting robots is making him stronger and he'll get to his full potiential soon. Just then Mark throws Rush and attacks Mega Man. But Mega Man uses all the Robot Master weapons on him until he is defeated. Mega Man helps the Light Brigade defeat the Robot Masters,but then Victoria gets away in the Vic Glider. When the Robot Masters get back to Light Labs, Dr. Light tells the Robot Masters of their new jobs around the world. They cheer and leave for their areas. As Mega Man,Dr. Light,and Roll smile and wave good bye.

First Appearences






Machines/Vehicles and Items:

Vic Glider

Episode 10

First Appearences

Machines/Vehicles and Items:


A lot of characters get redesigns this is the list of them:

Surprise Man

Shake Man

Giga Auto

Massage Man

Watermelon Man

Submarine Man

Handsome Man(Sexy Man)


  • Mega Man not changing color when using the Master weapons is simular to how Mega Man doesn't change colors in Super Smash Bros.
  • Even though the Mecha Dragon is the first Wily Castle boss, it is the final one to be fought before the Robot Masters in Issue 6.
  • The Robot Masters that were created by others besides Dr. Light or Dr. Wily were good in their first appearence but then reprogammed for evil. Take Phaorah Man for example, he was good but reproammed and even though that several rescue plans were made for him and the rest of his line, he is never rescued.