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This is my ideas for Mega Man 11. It would be for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. 


New Features

  • Instead of just having one Robot Master stage, there is 5(2 for the 3DS)stages until the actual Robot Master stage. Capcom did this to make the game longer and enjoyable.
  • This game features up to 4 players playing in Story Mode.

Playable Characters

Mega Man

Proto Man


Bond Man

Cut Man(Unlockable)

Guts Man(Unlockable)

Ice Man(Unlockable)

Bomb Man(Unlockable)

Fire Man(Unlockable)

Elec Man(Unlockable)

Time Man(Unlockable)

Oil Man(Unlockable)

Concrete Man(Unlockable)

Tornado Man(Unlockable)

Splash Woman(Unlockable)

Plug Man(Unlockable)

Jewel Man(Unlockable)

Hornet Man(Unlockable)

Magma Man(Unlockable)

Galaxy Man(Unlockable)

Duo(Battle and Minigame Modes only)

Support Units

Rush-Use the Rush Coil and Rush Jet

Eddie-Gives items

Beat-Helps defeat enemies and also picks up player when in danger

Tango-Spins into enemies

Roll-Uses a Mega Buster to help out

Auto-Comes in and rampages into enemies

Bubbles(Fish)-Assists players in water areas

Treble-Attacks enemies

Splits(Lizard)-Stuns enemies

Bondie(Dog)-Use Bond Hover

Proto Dog-Blasts enemies with mouth laser


Each level and boss can be played with any character.But at leat one person must be Mega Man,Proto Man,Bass,or Bond Man during the Robot Master because they are the only characters that can copy weapons and are needed. Each character has their own unique gameplay.

Mega Man can walk,run,jump and duck. His movements are left,right,up,down,ect. He can use his Mega Buster to shoot. He can shoot 3 shots at a time and also can create a charged shot.Mega Man can also kick and punch left and right. He can use the Mega Upper.After each Robot Master battle,Mega Man copies their weapons and moves on.Mega Man now can wall jump but cannot wall jump on silver and black walls.


Magent Beam- 


Robot Masters

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DWN.81 Tic Man Tic-Toc Bomb X Spark
DWN.82 Lightning Man Thunder Shot Clash Crack
DWN.83 Bash Man Bash Bolt Extreme Wham
DWN.84 Extreme Man Extreme Wham Ultra Inferno
DWN.85 Chaos Man Chaos Blaster Bash Bolt

Clash Woman

(Crash Woman)

Clash Crack Tic-Toc Bomb
DWN.87 X Man X Spark Thunder Shot
DWN.88 Ultra Man Ultra Inferno Chaos Blaster

Wily Flying Fortress X Bosses

  1. Mega Man?
  2. Titan Devil
  3. Rematch with Robot Masters
  4. Copy Robot(s)
  5. Mecha Dragon Mk 2
  6. Wily Machine No. 11

DLC(Downloadable Content)

Mega Man Upgrades-New Mega Buster,Super Mega Buster,Mega Arm,Magnet Beam,Double Mega Buster,Slide, Hyper Mega Buster. Cost: $0.50


Story Mode-Play as up to 4 characters in an exciting story and save the world!

Battle Mode-Battle against others and play with friends.

Minigame Mode-Play in up to 50 minigames based off of the Mega Man series with up to 4 friends!

Options Mode-Change data

Gallery Mode-View cutscenes,all Mega Man Classic games, all Robot Masters(all games including Mega Man PC and Rockman Stragety,other games)


  • It is unknown where the wave that Splash Woman always rides on originates.
  • The final boss is the only level where the characters are decided. (Player 1-Hyper Mega Man,Player 2- Super Proto Man,Player 3-Super Bass,Player 4-Super Bond Man). If their is a/are player(s) missing, they then are CPUs.

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