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    Mega Man 11

    August 17, 2013 by ShavicShadic12

    This is my ideas for Mega Man 11. It would be for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. 

    • Instead of just having one Robot Master stage, there is 5(2 for the 3DS)stages until the actual Robot Master stage. Capcom did this to make the game longer and enjoyable.
    • This game features up to 4 players playing in Story Mode.

    Mega Man

    Proto Man


    Bond Man

    Cut Man(Unlockable)

    Guts Man(Unlockable)

    Ice Man(Unlockable)

    Bomb Man(Unlockable)

    Fire Man(Unlockable)

    Elec Man(Unlockable)

    Time Man(Unlockable)

    Oil Man(Unlockable)

    Concrete Man(Unlockable)

    Tornado Man(Unlockable)

    Splash Woman(Unlockable)

    Plug Man(Unlockable)

    Jewel Man(Unlockable)

    Hornet Man(Unlockable)

    Magma Man(Unlockable)

    Galaxy Man(Unlockable)

    Duo(Battle and Minigame Modes only)

    Rush-Use the Rush Coil and Rush Jet


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  • ShavicShadic12

    So I have a lot of ideas for a new Mega Man tv show that binds together the Game Series,Other Shows Characters,Comic Elements,ect. It would be 30 minutes long and  the name of it would be Mega Man Chronicles. So here is what I have. More coming soon...

    Light Brigade- Dr. Light(Leader) Mega Man,Proto Man,Roll,Cut Man,Guts Man,Ice Man,Bomb Man,Fire Man,Elec Man,Time Man,Oil Man,Concrete Man,Tornado Man,Splash Woman,Plug Man,Jewel Man,Hornet Man,Magma Man,Galaxy Man,and Bond Man

    Maverick Hunters- Mega Man X,Zero,Chill Penguin,Spark Mandrill,Armored Armadillo,Launch Octopus,Boomer Kuwanger,Sting Chameleon,Storm Eagle,and Flame Mammoth

    Light Assistants- Roll,Rush,Beat,Tango,Eddie,Auto,Suprise Man,Shake Man,Giga Auto,Massage Man,TV Man,Watermelon M…

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