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You know what I hate? Mortal Kombat, here's why.

1. The Reset Option when you pause in training mode, why we need an option to reset in first place, its only on my way between move list and AI options when i want to practice.

2. We got a option to reset the game, but still no option to set the health to 5%, so i can actually practice Johnny's Cage Seido power's combos without having to set the AI to hit me until my health gets to 5%

3. D1 being 7 frames -5 to -6 and being a high crushing move at the same time, who though that was a good idea?

4. Jump attacks with priority over grounded normals.

5. Jump attacks that guarantee 50-50s if blocked because they're special cancelable, plus on block and guarantees mostly any kind of button pressing afterwards.

6. The punish indicator has the same color as the blood, if i had eaten carrots everyday since i were born until now, maybe sometimes i would be able to see it.

7. Some stages seems to run on a different frame rate (i'm looking at you emperor's coutyard)

8. The block stop mechanic, instead of just making sure i'm blocking, is preventing me to unblock and press buttons when i should have advantage, as result, super minus negative moves on block are super plus first before being super negative.

9. Thick throws that happen so fast and can't be neutral crouched as a defensive maneuver

10. If there is no unblocking frames, why can't my 10f normals punish a -10f move? I have to use a 10f reversal to punish it?

11. Cassie Cage a top 3 walkspeed character in the game, has a 11f mid starter string that covers half screen when both hits are used and is safe, can't be neutral crouched neither on first hit, or second, hard to stuff out, anti-airs neutral jumps, and still has a invincible restand move that grants a free jump attack, that guarantees a free 50-50 attempt with a guaranteed Overhead/Low mixup that blocking is a total guess, seriously, who though that was a good idea? Wait, did i spelled that correctly

12. Why Hatarang hitbox is disabled if Hat trick gets hit once on its way back, but Cyrax who places bomb on himself to protect from trades, gets his bombs to explode and hit anyone int after he gets hit? at no cost of meter too?

13. Sub-Zero's Ice Clone disappears if he gets hit, Hat Trick's Hat disappears if he gets hit even when its already traveling back, but Cyrax bombs doesn't disappear if he gets hit, who though that was a good idea?

14. Bo' Rai Cho only has one mid, everything else hits high, why can't he drink while in meditate?

15.[F.A.N.G] 10 seconds, your Bo' Rai Cho will vomit in 10 seconds[/F.A.N.G]

16. Different Juggle proprieties on every character Crouching

17. Even worse juggle proprieties on every character crouching while mashing d3, d4 or d1

18. Characters with very slow walkspeed and no defense to back it up

19. Characters with no armored launchers unless its a wakeup

20. Characters with one variation only and stupidly strong

21. Jump attacks that are still somewhat safe even after the trip guard window being increased.

22. Input storage so big that accidentally triggers moves you don't want to come out when trying to utilize command normals under specific situations at the right specifics times. 

23. We got rid of Quan, only to meet a DLC character with the exact same thing.

24. We got rid of Tanya only to meet a DLC character with the exact same thing

25. People that breaks right away, and manage to build meter before you because character has much easier and safe way to build meter, only to break again when you catch him, again.

26. No Nightwolf, No Fujin, No Rain, No Sindel, No Sareena, No Frost, No Reiko, No Skarlet, No Shang Tsung, No Shao Kahn, No Noob Saibot, No Stryker, No Li Mei, where the hell is Ashrah?

27. KP2 being the last KP.

28. KP2 patch being the last patch.

29. Why Goro gets to MB is punchwalk to launch Johnny C gets do MB nut cracker to launch, and KL has to spend a bar in order to spend a bar to launch? Same thing can be said about "Tanyer"?

30. Not being able to combo from dust restand (I'm looking at you Pyromancer Tanyer!)

31. Buzzsaw's ex hat Grinder doesn't juggle unless it hits air bone.

32. Ha-ha! I tricked all of you guys! I ACTUALLY like Mortal Kombat :-D 

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