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  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is Playing video games like Five Nights at Freddy's, Mega Man, and Mortal Kombat (sometimes)
  • I am Female

    Ok guys, this is Super Mega Man Girl here, i want to to do a RANT about a retarded Simpsons, Disney and Sonic the Hedgehog troll, Thehedgehog7

    This guy actually he is a huge dumbass fan of The Simpsons, Disney and Sonic the Hedgehog, he's mad at Lisa Simpson because he thinks that she "ruined his life" and blocked him for good

    "But why Miley? Does he know that he's actually insane?"

    Because he thinks that Futurama, Disney and The Simpsons are the most important franchises created in the world! Which is actually stupid! Someone said that he mixed the characters' similarities

    He also he is a racist and homophobe because he jokes about guys and White people!

    Then if you say that his edits don't make sense, HE WILL SCREAM!!!

    And guess what? He's act…

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    There are two major differences here that I noticed which make the moon system in "Super Mario Odyssey" distinct from the star system in "Super Mario 64":

    1. You can collect as many moons as you want in one run. You're not "reset" as it were - a short, celebratory animation plays when you grab a moon, and then you're able to continue exploring. Similar to "Super Mario 64," moons you've already collected will continue to appear as ghost items (you'll get a few coins for grabbing them again - no problem). 2. There are many, many moons in each area. They're all over the place - hidden inside of girders, across perilous gaps, on top of seemingly insurmountable buildings. There's a focus on exploration in "Super Mario Odyssey" that I did not exp…

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    Oh, screw Megaman, because...CALL OF DOODY...HAYLO...BYE-O-SHOCK...oh, and just to name a few others...BATMAN: ARKHAM ASSYLUM, for freaking so much better than Megaman! (sarcasm)

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    You know what I hate? Mortal Kombat, here's why.

    1. The Reset Option when you pause in training mode, why we need an option to reset in first place, its only on my way between move list and AI options when i want to practice.

    2. We got a option to reset the game, but still no option to set the health to 5%, so i can actually practice Johnny's Cage Seido power's combos without having to set the AI to hit me until my health gets to 5%

    3. D1 being 7 frames -5 to -6 and being a high crushing move at the same time, who though that was a good idea?

    4. Jump attacks with priority over grounded normals.

    5. Jump attacks that guarantee 50-50s if blocked because they're special cancelable, plus on block and guarantees mostly any kind of button pressing aft…

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    It's just gone too far. Especially recently, when I Hate Everything ranted on bronies and hated them. Yeah, sure, he may be a 'shock jock', or the 'radio troll', but it isn't exactly funny. I may have a sense or humor, or maybe not at all, but I do take things pretty seriously. The fact that he did this for a reaction, attention, and for a good story really bugs me.

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