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    The difference between a Mechaniloid and a Reploid is their AI (Artificial Intelligence), not their appearance, but humanoid robots like Snow Rider and Victoroid are called both in different sources due to their appearance, and the extend of their AI being unknown. While Victoroids are mass produced, some Reploids like the Maverick Hunter X Navigators (and likely Hunters too, and the Injured Reploids) are also mass produced, so that's not a factor.

    Velguarder was also considered a Mechaniloid and Reploid in different sources, so instead of human-like AI, does having an advanced animal-like mind also counts, or is it smarter than it looks? Wolfloid are part of the Injured Reploids, so why not?

    So I wonder...

    If a line of Mechaniloids is made in …

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    Mega Man X Collection

    March 18, 2018 by Quick

    With the upcoming Mega Man X collection, I really hope that at the very least X5 will include an option to make Alia's dialogues optional like X6-X8 (or give the option to remove Alia like this ROM hack).

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