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So I recently looked into Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix mangas after doing some research here on MMKB. I luckily picked up Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 1 at a Barnes and Noble (of all places), and really enjoyed the writing and art style (OMG, THE ART SYLE :D!!!). I came back to the wiki and noticed that there was information missing from the articles on certain pages. I'm in the process of editing, but are Megamix and Gigamix hard to find, or is there a lack of interest among the users? I've seen some edits to the information, but not a whole lot is added. I'm a bit confused, since Mega/Gigamix are some of the only Mega Man mangas to be translated and sent to US regions, and we have so little information beyond the second story of Megamix. If anyone can help me out on expanding information from Hitoshi Ariga's works, please let me know. Thanks.

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