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I suppose this could be called a 'contest' for the Mega Man franchise's most insane/epic/creepy laughs. I have my top picks here, and organized them into levels of creepiness (in my opinion). I'm sure there's a lot more than these out there, but that's what a blog post is for, right? :D

Beyond Creepy

Siarnaq's is on the left, and Prometheus' is on the right. They both happen if you die to that character in the battle (in the Japanese version). The American version is not nearly as creepy. Funny how they're both from ZXA...

thumb|300px|left|Actual laugh is at 0:10. He really sounds like a hyena. This one also includes it at 2x speed and 1/2 speed. thumb|300px|right|Actual laugh is at about 0:49. And you thought Siarnaq was creepy?! How can Pandora even stand to be around this guy?!


thumb|300px|left|Actual laugh starts at 2:01. Sigma's voice actor is creepy even without the laugh...

thumb|300px|Actual laugh starts at 6:55. I would put the English version of this laugh on as well, but I think this one is just a little bit creepier than that one. Wow, calm down, Lumine...

thumb|300px|left|Actual laugh is at 4:27. And to think that just 30 seconds ago he was calling Prometheus and Pandora insane...

thumb|300px|right|Actual laugh starts at 2:23. We've all heard this one before (I think), but I still had to put it on. This clip is full of creepy/epic laughs.


thumb|300px|left|Actual laugh starts at 2:35. I think this is one of the most epic parts of the Zero series. Omega's laugh fits right in.

thumb|300px|right|Actual laugh starts at 8:26. This one totally fits into the epic category because Burn Rooster is laughing while exploding. Creepy still, but epic.

Downright Annoying

thumb|300px|left|Actual laugh starts at 0:04 and goes through pretty much the entire video.(1:15 and especially 1:40 and 2:25 when he starts that infuriating "Ha, ha ha!!". He does that EVERY turn.)

thumb|300px|right|First instance is at 0:11. It's also amusing when he goes "Owowow, oww!!" at 0:18. Most annoying is at 0:39 and at 3:29.

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