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  • MisteryBass97

    Hi guys! I'm new and I don't know if this is the place to write it, but I wan to share with everybody my best Navi Customizer program for Megaman Battle Network 3...

    First you have to compact the following programs:

    • Hubbatc (give you some stuff: Super Armor; Break Buster; Break Charge; Custom1; Mega-Folder1; Shield; UnderShirt; Air Shoes; Float Shoes; Shadow Shoes. Causes a Glitch of Half HP.)
    • BstrMax (Raises the RockBuster's Attack/Rapid/Charge to MAX. Causes a Glitch that causes all Chips to be used in the beginning of a turn.)
    • BugStop (Removes the Bugs caused by violating the Rules of Navi Customizer.)
    • Custom1 (Increases the number of Chips that you select in the beginning of a Battle by 1.)

    In the Navi Customizer Screen, move the highlight o…

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