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I've been talking with other players and observers of the franchise on DeviantArt about Mega Man's future, or lack there of.

Ever since the maker bolted, games haven't been coming out right. I'm hopeful that they will regain interest and give each remaining series their proper due. The only reasons I can think of would be due to investment money and outside ideas. Which I've got some. I'd like to see some connection between them reestablished and others cut off, if necessarily.

I'd like to think that Mega Man X and his predecessor are really the some person in an Optimus Prime way. While Legends, Battle Network, and Star Force lose their supposed relations with each other and the main series. It just seems strange to me that they'd move off the original stuff and I haven't seen a lot of evidence about them being connected. I mean the timeline did make some discrepancies.

The closest idea I have of Legends is that 3 is brought back, reveals the true reason of the System, and leads to a happy conclusion. I'm not entirely convinced Star Force is out of the picture. After all, King and Vega practically vanished. I can imagine a space expansion in their future if brought about. The original Mega Man eventually ends with him being rebuilt into X while most of his enemies and family die out. In X, it shows details of Sigma being replaced as main antagonist by a revived Wily then Weil. Finally ZX continues in a setting where the Biometals are restored to their original forms while reminiscing of the Beast Era of Transformers. I know it wouldn't be original much, but hey, I like it. What are you going to do?

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