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I just made an account here a while ago. I tried every forum I could find. No good answers. So I tried here. I got a new Mega Man Xtreme game at a local garage sale. The guy at the sale said it was a pretty old game but it still worked good. I went home and started playing it right away. Man, it brought back so many memories. I used to play Mega Man all the time. But it was weird. It was all messed up! The graphics were all messed up, and Mega Man was red instead of blue. The game's music was messed up too. It would play really fast, slow down, stop, go fast again, slow down, stop, and it'd just keep going! The glitches really ticked me off! I knew it couldn't have been my Game Boy since I took good care of my game systems. I knew it had to be something wrong with the game. When I took it back to the garage sale place, I saw it was all gone! I knocked on the door and I heard nothing! The neighbor saw me waiting by the door, and asked if I was looking for the family that "used to" live there. I said yes, and then the neighbor said that they moved out. I was confused. They moved today? It was only a few hours after the garage sale. What the heck? Did they just travel from city to city getting rid of their old junk? Back on topic, does anybody know if there's a way to fix these glitches? They don't really effect gameplay that much, it's just messed up colors and weird music, but it's still really annoying.

UPDATE - I still don't know how to fix this. I tried everything. I still can't get a hold of the guy that sold it to me. It's pretty much impossible. Something interesting happened today. My friend borrowed the game to try and see what's wrong. He was playing the game, and he got to the first boss. The boss was weird. The graphics must have been really glitched. The boss appeared as a weird floating blob of mashed up graphics, colored all red. I sort of doubt it, because I wasn't there to see it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. That game is messed up.

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