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    I just made an account here a while ago. I tried every forum I could find. No good answers. So I tried here. I got a new Mega Man Xtreme game at a local garage sale. The guy at the sale said it was a pretty old game but it still worked good. I went home and started playing it right away. Man, it brought back so many memories. I used to play Mega Man all the time. But it was weird. It was all messed up! The graphics were all messed up, and Mega Man was red instead of blue. The game's music was messed up too. It would play really fast, slow down, stop, go fast again, slow down, stop, and it'd just keep going! The glitches really ticked me off! I knew it couldn't have been my Game Boy since I took good care of my game systems. I knew it had t…

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