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I just had a thought. If the Megaman Starforce series gets rebooted in some way, here is what I think who would voice the characters.

•Greg Cipes as Geo/Megaman

•Ashley Johnson as Sonia/Harp Note

•Lisa Ortiz as Luna

•Dan Green as Bud (Storm the Albatross accent), Gemini/Gemini Spark/Gemini Black (Mephiles accent), Gemini White (Yami Yugi accent) Pat (Yugi accent), and Rey (Knuckles accent)

•Amy Palant as Zack

  • Rebecca Handler as Hope (Vanilla accent)

•Jim Cummings as Bob Copper (Darkwing accent), Cepheus (Dr. Robotnik accent), Rich Dotcom/Yeti Blizzard (Fat Cat accent)

•Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Vega

•Michele Knotz as Ophiuca/Queen Ophiuca (Jessie accent)

•Rob Paulsen as Omega-Xis (Alpha Man accent), Kidd Gruff/Kung-Foo Kid (Donatello accent), and Joker/Red Joker (Bird Brain)

•Roz Ryan as Lyra

•Jason Griffith as Solo/Rogue (Shadow The Hedgehog accent), Goat Foo (Jet The Hawk accent) and Jack/Jack Corvus (Sonic The Hedgehog accent)

•Mike Pollock as Aaron Boreal

•Hynden Walch as Belle (Starfire accent)

•Elle Deets as Amy Gelande

•Kathleen Delaney as Ice

•Patrick Warburton as Taurus/Taurus Fire

•Ken Page as Crown Thunder

•Richard Steven Horvitz as Cancer/Cancer Bubble

•Neil Patrick Harris as Tom

•Lewis Black as Wolf/Wolf Woods

•Bobcat Goldthwait as Libra/Libra Scales (XL accent)

•Mark Hamill as Cygnus/Cygnus Wing

•Clancy Brown as Le Mu (Evil Entity accent)

•Eli James as Hollow

•Veronica Taylor (you might know her as May from Pokemon) as Queen Tia

•Sonny Dey as Virgo

•Bill Rogers as Corvus

•Christopher Sabat as General Auriga (Piccolo accent) and Apollo Flame (Vegeta accent)

•Rachel Lillis as Heartless

•Ed Paul as Mr. King

What are your thoughts? If you say otherwise, then who else do you think will be a better fit? And the Jason Griffith and Lisa Ortiz thing is supposed to be an actor allusion for an obvious reason.

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