Megaman Starforce 2.5

Matteso586 November 10, 2013 User blog:Matteso586

This is my idea on a Harp Note centered spin off (the canon kind). Probably for Nintendo 3DS.

New Features

  • Battles are now 3rd person shooter based.
  • Travelling includes climbing, a moving camera, and pulling/pushing heavy objects.
  • Areas are now more over world based.
  • Complete voice acting.
  • Original songs in cutscenes, gameplay, and as mini games (see below)
  • Rhythm base mini games and stages.


  • Sonia Strumm/Harp Note
  • Lyra
  • Luna Prez
  • Vogue
  • Zack Temple
  • Pedia
  • Bud Bison
  • Patrick "Pat" Sprigs
  • Belle
  • Ice
  • Bob Copper
  • Auron Boreal
  • Tom
  • Hope Stellar
  • Geo Stellar/Megaman
  • Omega-Xis
  • Solo/Rogue
  • Lance
  • Dr. Vega
  • Hyde/Dark Phantom
  • Ophiuca
  • Hollow (flashback only)
  • Taurus (flashback only)
  • Gemini (flashback only)
  • Libra (flashback only)
  • Cygnus (flashback)
  • Sonia's former manager (flashback only)


  • This game explains Zack and Luna's first meeting with their respective wizards. As well as where Vega is during the events of Megaman Starforce 3.

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