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  • Matteso586

    Megaman Starforce 2.5

    November 10, 2013 by Matteso586

    This is my idea on a Harp Note centered spin off (the canon kind). Probably for Nintendo 3DS.

    • Battles are now 3rd person shooter based.
    • Travelling includes climbing, a moving camera, and pulling/pushing heavy objects.
    • Areas are now more over world based.
    • Complete voice acting.
    • Original songs in cutscenes, gameplay, and as mini games (see below)
    • Rhythm base mini games and stages.

    • Sonia Strumm/Harp Note
    • Lyra
    • Luna Prez
    • Vogue
    • Zack Temple
    • Pedia
    • Bud Bison
    • Patrick "Pat" Sprigs
    • Belle
    • Ice
    • Bob Copper
    • Auron Boreal
    • Tom
    • Hope Stellar
    • Geo Stellar/Megaman
    • Omega-Xis
    • Solo/Rogue
    • Lance
    • Dr. Vega
    • Hyde/Dark Phantom
    • Ophiuca
    • Hollow (flashback only)
    • Taurus (flashback only)
    • Gemini (flashback only)
    • Libra (flashback only)
    • Cygnus (flashback)
    • Sonia's former manager (flashback only)

    • This game explains Z…

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  • Matteso586

    New Starforce Voices

    October 13, 2013 by Matteso586

    I just had a thought. If the Megaman Starforce series gets rebooted in some way, here is what I think who would voice the characters.

    •Greg Cipes as Geo/Megaman

    •Ashley Johnson as Sonia/Harp Note

    •Lisa Ortiz as Luna

    •Dan Green as Bud (Storm the Albatross accent), Gemini/Gemini Spark/Gemini Black (Mephiles accent), Gemini White (Yami Yugi accent) Pat (Yugi accent), and Rey (Knuckles accent)

    •Amy Palant as Zack

    • Rebecca Handler as Hope (Vanilla accent)

    •Jim Cummings as Bob Copper (Darkwing accent), Cepheus (Dr. Robotnik accent), Rich Dotcom/Yeti Blizzard (Fat Cat accent)

    •Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Vega

    •Michele Knotz as Ophiuca/Queen Ophiuca (Jessie accent)

    •Rob Paulsen as Omega-Xis (Alpha Man accent), Kidd Gruff/Kung-Foo Kid (Donatello accent), and Joker/R…

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