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    November 17, 2013 by MasterCharmander13

    Ok so...the first MBN game I played was the last:6.I really enjoyed it.I had Gregar.But it keep frozing when fighting HeatMan.Exe,so I had to stop it.Then I played a bit of 3,but I didn't liked it(ironicaly,everyone loves that game).Then I got to 5,but then,changed to 4.I seen so many people saying 4 is the worst,so I wanted to try it,to see why it is so worst...and...It's not the worst!It's awesome!

    My top 2 would be:

    2.MBN 4

    1.MBN 6

    Yep!Everyone hates it,but it's my 2nd wanna ask...why do you all hate it?

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