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Hello I'm Kazisaki ind i am proud to present to you Kazisaki's Games!

this is my first day as a member Aug/03/09 and i would like to start with one of my many favorite games Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon


Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon

the reason I like this game is because it introduces many key concepts and mechanics for the later games

Mainly Double soul (dublsoul) it was released in 2 versions Red Sun And Blue Moon the two games both featuring an entire sub system of around 60 "secret Chips"

which can be unlocked by hosting a friends navis in a free tournament at Higsbys.

the thing that started me liking the Battle Network seires was playing the first NES game and liking the mechanics of it then later watching the nt warrior anime

so i then started playing the seires first with 4 then 3 then 5,1,2 and 6 i didnt play them in order because i couldnt find them at the right time.

the 2 games feature a variety of opponets in red sun (gutsman fireman roll windman thunderman and search man) and in blue moon (aquaman numberman metalman woodman protoman and junkman) creating a uniqe play style andalso the final boss duo is pretty tough(though if you could beat mmbn3's Alpha easily then duo will be a simple cakewalk.

so that prety much raps it up if you want me to list one of your favs email me at and tell me what you want to see PEACE^_^

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