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I just finished readin' a rather good article on Shoryuken regarding the whole "vocal minority" topic. Specifically, it talks of the Mega Man fanbase when it comes to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. For the past several months leading up to its release and beyond, the fans have been whining nonstop that although Zero and Tron made the cut as playable characters, an actual Mega Man did not occupy a slot. Even when it was revealed that X would be a DLC outfit for Zero (it has been said that DLC outfits will contain their own dialogue and even possible name changes due to the fact that some outfits are entirely different, but related characters), the raging only intensified. Some others took the whole "vocal minority" bit as an insult. In truth, the vocal minority comment IS accurate due to the fact that when it comes to this crossover and this game overall, the MM fanbase is the minority since the game includes characters from many other franchises who have their own expansive fandoms. Because Mega Man isn't in here, the fans have taken to the highest horse possible and demand luxury that Mega Man or any other iteration of the character be made a playable character, claiming it to be the utmost priority or else the game will fail due to the lack of his presence here. I've already talked about letting Mega Man rest for a bit, but unfortunately, this fanbase has started to rapidly degrade into possibly one of the worst ever. Now every time when the Blue Bomber or any of his other incarnations pop up in this game or anything else, the fans somehow come to the conclusion that all of these references and cameos were made solely to spite and invoke anger in both the fans and Inafune. I'm not sure anymore, guys. I like the Mega Man series and I'd like to continuing contributing to this wiki, but I've been thinking about stepping down and leaving if this continues any longer. I'm not entirely sure if all of the commotion has been occurring here as well, but if it is...well....Kaihedgie 04:11, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

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