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I mean, things were already a blazing inferno with the cancellation of a few games and the already heavily splintered fanbase divided by multiple series, but on top of having a dream crossover game of sorts, we now have a FAN-made game revolving around Capcom's most iconic franchises being endorsed and licensed by Capcom themselves, free of charge for download as part of the 25th Anniversary project. A fan-made game is being supported by Capcom. And somehow...someway, through impossible odds, people are STILL whining. Not even getting into the Legends fanatics, we have people whining about not getting "a real game", that Capcom is still somehow "spitting in the face of their fans", among other unsorted nonsense.

Can we even call this a fandom anymore if the very fans themselves refuse to give their blessings to one of their own now? Kaihedgie (talk) 19:03, December 12, 2012 (UTC)

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