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The 25th Anniversary of Mega Man is upon us! To celebrate, Capcom has a several activities in the works.

First up, a new free Megam Man game - Street Fighter X Mega Man, is available for download on the PC. The game stars Mega Man and features eight brand-new Street Fighter-themed levels and bosses inspired by the legendary fighting game series. You can find more information on the game page and download the game right here.

Capcom has a few more events in mind as well:

"Throughout the year, Capcom also plans to release the side-scrolling classics Mega Man to Mega Man 6 as downloads for Nintendo 3DS. Beginning December 27 with the original Mega Man, these 8-bit classics will be available in a staggered schedule into 2013. Check Capcom-Unity frequently for updates on the remaining titles as well as information on other Mega Man 25th Anniversary events, including new licensed products available from the Capcom Store in 2013."

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