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I feel like the recent updates to this wiki have essentially broke it. Many pages look weird now, with the

ItchyNutz/Wiki Updates
No character image
Full Name Unknown
Nicknames Unknown
Personal Status
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Age Unknown
Race Unknown
Gender Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eye Unknown
Skin Unknown
Misc Unknown
Primary Design Colors unknown
Family & Relationships
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown or Template:Sprite fields in the info box. Also, the change in heading 3 seems uneasy on the eyes; it seems to blend in with the block of text and does not stand out like it did before. And my most abhorred change is the inclusion of the credits under pictures ("Uploaded by User"). Really now?! Not only does it go against the wiki rules it is also an eye sore. Instead of seeing the caption, I immediately see the stupid "uploaded by". Any one wish to comment? (Or am I just essentially