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I have recently ran into a little bit of a dilema while making a few edits. So I wish to turn to the community for their help. I would like to hear some feedback, opinioned or not, with reasons, as to whether we should italicize the titles of websites at this wiki.

Reasons for it: In an essay, just like we italicize a title of a book, being a work of art, so we do with the title of a game here at this wiki (effectively treating the said game as a work of art and worthy of italics, just like a book). Therefore, should we italicize a website name, since it too is essentially like a book title?

Reasons against it: I belive everywhere else in literature, when writing essays, only books and newspapers are italicized, while entities such as websites, stores, brand names, etc. are left in their normal format, only capitalized where their name dictates (e.g. "I drank a bottle of Coca Cola soda").

I personally am leaning towards italicizing website names, but wish to hear a second opinion just in case.

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