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  • I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Designing, Repairing PC, etc
  • I am Male
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    For the people who are fans of the Megaman Battle Network series or the Rockman.EXE/Megaman NT Warrior series, do you think that Megaman NT Warrior and Megaman NT Warrior Axess should be remade?

    I personally think that since I've seen recent English Dubs that weren't too bad (The English Dub of Megaman NT Warrior and Megaman NT Warrior Axess were both good). So I think that Megaman NT Warrior and NT Warrior Axess should be remade because I can definitely see a remake of this anime series be very awesome and successful.

    The animation should either use an updated version of Xebec or use a new kind of Japanese animation like Sunrise or Bee Train.

    Not only that but the episode counts should be about 26 episodes per series.

    Megaman NT Warrior: 26 e…

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