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Haos serpenoid 500

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  • I live in England
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  • Haos serpenoid 500

    Hey. I've been a big Megaman fan for quite a long time now, and have decided to come up with my own Robot Masters. I was wondering if i could get your opinions on my ideas.

    All of the Robot Masters in this series were created by an Apprentice/fanboy of Dr.Light, named Dr Julian Finitevius. There are 18 Robot Masters in Total, 1 of which was Co-Designed by Dr.Light and Dr.Finitevius.

    DFN 00A - Tempo: Prototype Robot Master designed to be a Civil Service Robot. (Weapon: Tempo Buster)

    DFN 00B - Rythmn: Prototype Female Robot Master designed to be a Helper Robot. (Weapon: Rythmn Buster)

    DFN 001 - Bind Man: Co-Designed by Dr.Light & Dr.Finitevius. Designed as an Engineering Robot for purpose of creating Adhesives. (Weapon: Glue Binder / Weakness: L…

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