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aka Coco bandicoot

  • I live in Wumpa Islands
  • My occupation is McDonalds
  • I am in your closet waiting to kill you in your sleep
  • Crashgod

    i have a gigantic list of pokemon based mavericks that i want to show.

    Armored grotle mechanaloid production plant - overgroth shield

    Bomb cingling abandoned warzone - scatter bombs

    Shield kabuto preservation museum - rushing blade

    Rainbow regigigas giant glacier - ice block

    Hunter Braviary mt. knight - dive kick

    Nuke crawdaunt atomic facility - napalm bombs

    Force tetacruel underwater base - magnet tentacle

    Tune spinda music hall - smashing note

    Chess Mienshao grand chess-board - king boom

    Production Cobalion mysterious warehouse - horn dash

    Modem luxray digital highway - digital spray

    Bulb lileep the lighthouse - shining ray

    Numeric roserade eternal library - overdriveing virus

    Alarm Misdreavus flying warbase - hunter sense

    String ledian cyber web - web …

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