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  • Blueboom

    I am wondering from you fans which roll from Megaman NT worrior/Rockman exe is cool and, you all know what she looks like because you watch the anime series but, I was wondering witch roll is the best. You've seen the part in evil empress roll two part episodes where world 3 trick maylu in to using a rare dangerous battle chip, giving roll a dark makeover and attacked megaman when roll is freed she truned back to normel. some of you fans still think that evil roll is cool and some of you fans think normel roll is cool as well. So which do you think two rolls are better: the nice looking one or the evil looking one?

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  • Blueboom

    DVD & Blu-ray

    April 15, 2016 by Blueboom

    The megaman anime series like megaman nt warrior and megaman starforce were once on tv and on video website but, there are no dvds. megaman nt warrior only got one season, the access season was on video website and on tv but no dvd and maybe your were expecting the stream season. megaman starforce only show half of the season but no dvd. How long do we have to wait tell they released them on blu-ray and dvd? 

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  • Blueboom

    I have an Idea for a third sonic and mega man crossover. Sonic and Mega Man teaming up with alternet versions of themselfs. Sonic meeting sonic's old reality world self and other sonics from sonic undergrownd, sonic x and sonic boom. Mega Man meeting x from Mega Man X and other mega mans from mega man legend, mega man battle network, and mega man starforce. I'm also thinking the anime charactors from NT warrior as the battle network univerce in the comics, becuase they can do cross fution. That will be an interesting story? Tell me what you think?

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  • Blueboom

    alternate timeline ideas

    January 21, 2015 by Blueboom

    I've watch anime megaman and i think some part could be change just a little bit like:

    1. Maylu successfully did cross fusion on a first try in the axess season.

    2. Starforce Megaman gained the power fire saurian and wood ninja later in the tribe season insted of gaining all three OOPARTs at the end of the season and also do double tribe in the season as well.

    That is my thought of the changes I'm wondering what changes you want on the anime series.

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