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The 12 Masters ( No Longer 8)

Hydro Man

Weapon: Hydro Splash

Weakness: Sub-Zero Wave, Circuit Lash

Sub-Zero Man

Weapon: Sub- Zero Wave

Weakness: Flame Strike

Blaze Man

Weapon: Flame Strike

Weakness: Hydro Splash

Circuit Man

Weapon: Circuit Lash

Weakness: Viral Bomb + Mind Wipe, Sonic Screech

Viral Man

Weapon: Viral Bomb

Weakness: Power Wall + Flame Strike, Sonic Screech

Soul Man

Weapon: Sonic Screech

Weakness: Flame Strike, Hydro Splash + Shining Laser

Mind Man

Weapon: Mind Wipe

Weakness: Curcuit Lash + Hydro Splash or Power Wall

Power Man

Weapon: Power Wall

Weakness: Sonic Screech

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