What the!?

Akitus51 April 10, 2015 User blog:Akitus51

Okay, so while I'm playing​ Mega Man X3 I charge my Buster to the "Level 5" shot, and a few milliseconds right before I enter a boss gate I release the attack button, and then right when I get out I notice X isn't making any noise (you know, after he fired a charged shot and he still has another one he can fire), then I try shooting, and what I thought was supposed to happen was X will fire a charged shot, but instead he fires his normal shots... And I can't charge them, also X is still flashing, then I switch weapons and X is the same: flashing, no noise and he can't charge them, so I'm confused for a bit, and the way I got it back to normal was switching weapons in the Sub-screen, has this happened to anyone else?

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