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  • I live in a scary basement
  • My occupation is Being the Black Goat, Protector of the Woods of a Thousand Young (Thanks Lovecraft!)
  • I am A sandvich
  • Aidanthehedgehogisawesome

    Hello, and welcome to my theory corner! In this episode (see others on Sonic News Network), I'll tell ya about the Zero/Light theory.

    Mostly, it's about that almost every robot Doctor Albert W. Wily is or was built by Doctor Thomas Light. Also, Proto Man has a striking resemblance to Zero, implying (depending on this theory is true or not) that maybe Blues would get an upgrade. However, that evil Doc Brow--I mean Doctor Wily stole the parts.

    Aside from the fact that Zero is a living tank, he's also very fast. This leads me and others to the theory that it was at first, supposed to be a sort of "ProtoQuick Man". The evidence is well, Zero's quick and can face Mega Man X (character) without a sweat, being able to run circles around X, even wit…

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