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Mega Man UFS Tin

The Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a collectible card game originally designed by Sabertooth Games and currently under Jasco Games. The themes of the cards are drawn from a multitude of licensed gaming universes. In 2013, cards from the Mega Man franchise were included. In March 2015 it received an expansion, Rise of the Masters.[1] In the end of 2016 a second expansion will be released, Battle for Power.


Mega Man


Proto Man UFS Tin

MM01 SE 1/75Mega ManCharacter
MM01 SE 2/75Hyper Mega BusterAttack
MM01 SE 3/75Mega ArmAttack
MM01 SE 4/75Mega BallAttack
MM01 SE 5/75Mega BusterAttack
MM01 SE 6/75Rapid Mega BusterAttack
MM01 SE 7/75Super Mega BusterAttack
MM01 SE 8/75Agile WarriorFoundation
MM01 SE 9/75Dauntless HeroFoundation
MM01 SE 10/75DLN 001Foundation
MM01 SE 11/75Gaining TechniquesFoundation
MM01 SE 12/75Lab AssistantFoundation
MM01 SE 13/75Left With No ChoiceFoundation
MM01 SE 14/75MotivationFoundation
MM01 SE 15/75NaïvetéFoundation
MM01 SE 16/75Never Back DownFoundation
MM01 SE 17/75Pursuit of Dr. WilyFoundation
MM01 SE 18/75Super Fighting RobotFoundation
MM01 SE 19/75The Blue BomberFoundation
MM01 SE 20/75Thrown Into CombatFoundation
MM01 SE 21/75Proto ManCharacter
MM01 SE 22/75Big Bang StrikeAttack
MM01 SE 23/75Charged Proto BusterAttack
MM01 SE 24/75Dashing Shield BashAttack
MM01 SE 25/75Proto BusterAttack
MM01 SE 26/75Proto StrikeAttack
MM01 SE 27/75Rapid Proto BusterAttack
MM01 SE 28/75Aerial DefenseFoundation
MM01 SE 29/75Always WatchingFoundation
MM01 SE 30/75Flawed Energy CoreFoundation
MM01 SE 31/75ForgottenFoundation
MM01 SE 32/75Gentle SoulFoundation
MM01 SE 33/75In the Nick of TimeFoundation
MM01 SE 34/75Lone WandererFoundation
MM01 SE 35/75On Borrowed TimeFoundation
MM01 SE 36/75PrototypeFoundation
MM01 SE 37/75Reason for ExistanceFoundation
MM01 SE 38/75Rejecting FamilyFoundation
MM01 SE 39/75Repaired by Dr. WilyFoundation
MM01 SE 40/75Unknown MotivesFoundation
MM01 T 41/75Bomb ManCharacter
MM01 C 42/75Bomb SlamAttack
MM01 R 43/75Hyper Bomb··Attack
MM01 UC 44/75Accurate ArmFoundation
MM01 T 45/75Cut ManCharacter
MM01 C 46/75Cut SlamAttack
MM01 R 47/75Rolling CutterAttack
MM01 UC 48/75Ceratanium BladesFoundation
MM01 T 49/75Elec ManCharacter
MM01 UC 50/75Elec SlamAttack
MM01 R 51/75Thunder BeamAttack
MM01 C 52/75ConceitedFoundation
MM01 T 53/75Fire ManCharacter
MM01 UC 54/75Fire SlamAttack
MM01 R 55/75Fire StormAttack
MM01 C 56/758000 DegreesFoundation
MM01 T 57/75Guts ManCharacter
MM01 UC 58/75Guts SlamAttack
MM01 R 59/75Super ArmAttack
MM01 C 60/75Ground ShakerFoundation
MM01 T 61/75Ice ManCharacter
MM01 C 62/75Ice SlamAttack
MM01 R 63/75Ice SlasherAttack
MM01 UC 64/75200 Below ZeroFoundation
MM01 UC 65/75ReprogrammingAction
MM01 UC 66/75Sisterly ScoldingAction
MM01 R 67/75RushAsset
MM01 UC 68/75Yellow ScarfAsset
MM01 C 69/75A World UnpreparedFoundation
MM01 C 70/75HousekeeperFoundation
MM01 C 71/75Nobel PrizeFoundation
MM01 C 72/75Robot MastersFoundation
MM01 C 73/75Robots' FatherFoundation
MM01 UC 74/75Sons of Dr. LightFoundation
MM01 UC 75/75The Year 200XFoundation
MMP01 1/1Mega ManCharacter

Mega Man: Rise of the Masters

MM02 UC 1/144Air ManCharacter
MM02 R 2/144Air TikkiAsset
MM02 R 3/144Air ShooterAttack
MM02 C 4/144Air SlamAttack
MM02 UR 5/144Air TyphoonAttack
MM02 UC 6/144Dust in the WindFoundation
MM02 C 7/144Frightening AppearanceFoundation
MM02 C 8/144Hatred of AutumnFoundation
MM02 UR 9/144TaosenaiFoundation
MM02 R 10/144Crash ManCharacter
MM02 UR 11/144Blasting ThroughAction
MM02 UC 12/144Crash BomberAttack
MM02 C 13/144Crash SlamAttack
MM02 UR 14/144Danger ZoneAttack
MM02 UC 15/144Delayed DetonationFoundation
MM02 C 16/144Demolitions ExpertFoundation
MM02 UC 17/144Improved DesignFoundation
MM02 R 18/144Short Fuse··Foundation
MM02 UR 19/144Dr. CossackCharacter
MM02 UR 20/144Cossack CitadelAsset
MM02 UC 21/144Cossack BusterAttack
MM02 R 22/144Cossack CatcherAttack
MM02 C 23/144Cossack SlamAttack
MM02 UC 24/144A New AllyFoundation
MM02 UC 25/144Fatherly Love··Foundation
MM02 R 26/144Siberian ScientistFoundation
MM02 C 27/144Trusted ColleagueFoundation
MM02 SE 28/144Dr. WilyCharacter
MM02 UR 29/144Self Destruct!Action
MM02 SE 30/144Skull FortressAsset
MM02 UC 31/144Teleporting HatchesAsset
MM02 UR 32/144Flying Fortress BusterAttack
MM02 SE 33/144Gamma CrushAttack
MM02 R 34/144Guts CannonAttack
MM02 SE 35/144Holographic BusterAttack
MM02 SE 36/144Mecha Dragon BlastAttack
MM02 SE 37/144MM:\CopyAttack
MM02 SE 38/144Pinbot StrikeAttack
MM02 SE 39/144Cunning PuzzlerFoundation
MM02 SE 40/144Double CrosserFoundation
MM02 SE 41/144Driven by HatredFoundation
MM02 SE 42/144Genius ArchitectFoundation
MM02 UC 43/144Hidden in His ShadowFoundation
MM02 SE 44/144Master of MastersFoundation
MM02 SE 45/144Reformed ScientistFoundation
MM02 UC 46/144·Gemini Man·Character
MM02 R 47/144Moon BaseAsset
MM02 R 48/144Double Gemini SlamAttack
MM02 UR 49/144Gemini BeamAttack
MM02 C 50/144Gemini SlamAttack
MM02 C 51/144NarcissistFoundation
MM02 C 52/144OphidiophobiaFoundation
MM02 UC 53/144Strength of PolluxFoundation
MM02 R 54/144Wisdom of CastorFoundation
MM02 UC 55/144·Magnet Man·Character
MM02 UR 56/144Polar WarpAction
MM02 UR 57/144Magnet MissileAttack
MM02 C 58/144Magnet SlamAttack
MM02 R 59/144Magnetic PullAttack
MM02 R 60/144Don't Mess with Magnet ManFoundation
MM02 C 61/144ElectromagneticFoundation
MM02 C 62/144Fatal AttractionFoundation
MM02 UC 63/144Master of MagnetismFoundation
MM02 SE 64/144··Mega Man··Character
MM02 UC 65/144Mega SlideAction
MM02 SE 66/144E-TankAsset
MM02 UR 67/144RollCharacter
MM02 SE 68/144Atomic FireAttack
MM02 SE 69/144Dust CrusherAttack
MM02 SE 70/144Hard KnuckleAttack
MM02 SE 71/144Leaf ShieldAttack
MM02 UR 72/144Rain FlushAttack
MM02 SE 73/144Time StopperAttack
MM02 R 74/144Top SpinAttack
MM02 UC 75/144A Fighting RobotFoundation
MM02 SE 76/144Copyright Dr. Light: 20XXFoundation
MM02 SE 77/144Gamma DestroyerFoundation
MM02 SE 78/144MercifulFoundation
MM02 SE 79/144Neverending BattleFoundation
MM02 SE 80/144Sense of JusticeFoundation
MM02 SE 81/144Weapons UpgradeFoundation
MM02 UC 82/144·Metal Man·Character
MM02 R 83/144Saw BladesAsset
MM02 R 84/144Metal BladeAttack
MM02 C 85/144Metal SlamAttack
MM02 UR 86/144Omnidirectional Blade StrikeAttack
MM02 R 87/144Changing DirectionsFoundation
MM02 UC 88/144DeforesterFoundation
MM02 C 89/144Design FlawsFoundation
MM02 C 90/144Mechanical ManiacFoundation
MM02 UC 91/144·Pharaoh Man·Character
MM02 UR 92/144Egyptian PyramidAsset
MM02 R 93/144Pharaoh ShotAttack
MM02 C 94/144Pharaoh SlamAttack
MM02 UR 95/144Pharaoh WaveAttack
MM02 C 96/144Charismatic RulerFoundation
MM02 C 97/144Fear of WomenFoundation
MM02 UC 98/144One Thousand MummiraFoundation
MM02 R 99/144Pyramid ExplorerFoundation
MM02 UR 100/144··Proto Man··Character
MM02 UR 101/144Ominous WhistleFoundation
MM02 C 102/144Proto SlamAttack
MM02 UC 103/144Shield RamAttack
MM02 R 104/144Turbo Proto BusterAttack
MM02 R 105/144DLN 000Foundation
MM02 UC 106/144Fighting for WilyFoundation
MM02 UC 107/144Repaying a DebtFoundation
MM02 C 108/144RescuerFoundation
MM02 R 109/144·Quick Man·Character
MM02 R 110/144Dodge!Action
MM02 UR 111/144Quick BoomerangAttack
MM02 UC 112/144Quick ChargeAttack
MM02 C 113/144Quick SlamAttack
MM02 R 114/14488 M.P.H.Foundation
MM02 UC 115/144Always on the MoveFoundation
MM02 C 116/144Built for SpeedFoundation
MM02 C 117/144Rivalry with Turbo ManFoundation
MM02 R 118/144·Ring Man·Character
MM02 R 119/144WhopperAsset
MM02 UR 120/144Aerial Ring BoomerangAttack
MM02 UC 121/144Ring BoomerangAttack
MM02 C 122/144Ring SlamAttack
MM02 R 123/144Clever StrategistFoundation
MM02 C 124/144EgotisticalFoundation
MM02 C 125/144Merciless MasterFoundation
MM02 UC 126/144Ring Toss ChampionFoundation
MM02 UC 127/144·Skull Man·Character
MM02 R 128/144Fortress of BonesAsset
MM02 UR 129/144Skull BarrierAttack
MM02 R 130/144Skull BusterAttack
MM02 C 131/144Skull SlamAttack
MM02 C 132/144Balanced FighterFoundation
MM02 C 133/144Designed for CombatFoundation
MM02 R 134/144No Other PurposeFoundation
MM02 UC 135/144Reactive StyleFoundation
MM02 UR 136/144·Snake Man·Character
MM02 UR 137/144Corner Your PreyAction
MM02 UC 138/144Crawling StrikeAttack
MM02 R 139/144Search SnakeAttack
MM02 C 140/144Snake SlamAttack
MM02 R 141/144Intelligent and ShrewdFoundation
MM02 C 142/144Slithering SerpentFoundation
MM02 UC 143/144SurveyorFoundation
MM02 UC 144/144Unrequited FriendshipFoundation
BP02 P 1/2·Met·Asset
BP02 P 2/2·Yellow Devil·Character
MM02 P 1/1·Sniper Joe·Character
MMP02 1/3·Oil Man·Character
MMP02 3/3·Time Man·Character
USH P X/XTurbo ChargeAttack

Mega Man: Battle for Power

No. and rarityCardType
MM03 UC 1/108·Bass·Character
MM03 R 2/108TrebleAsset
MM03 UR 3/108Dark CometAttack
MM03 C 4/108Rocket BusterAttack
MM03 C 5/108Somersault KickAttack
MM03 R 6/108One True PurposeFoundation
MM03 R 7/108Stronger Than AllFoundation
MM03 C 8/108New EnhancementsFoundation
MM03 UR 9/108Wily's Master CreationFoundation
MM03 UC 10/108··Dr. Wily··Character
MM03 R 11/108Skull Fortress IIAsset
MM03 UR 12/108Capsule FlamethrowerAttack
MM03 C 13/108Capsule Ice BeamAttack
MM03 UC 14/108Capsule ZapAttack
MM03 C 15/108Dr. Wily's ChallengeFoundation
MM03 UC 16/108Premeditated AttackFoundation
MM03 R 17/108The Mysterious Mr. XFoundation
MM03 UR 18/108The Power of Dark EnergyFoundation
MM03 UC 19/108·Gyro Man·Character
MM03 UR 20/108Hanging GardersAsset
MM03 UR 21/108Gyro AttackAttack
MM03 R 22/108Gyro BladeAttack
MM03 C 23/108Gyro Crush··Attack
MM03 R 24/108Admissions FeesFoundation
MM03 C 25/108Budget ConstraintsFoundation
MM03 R 26/108Master of FlightFoundation
MM03 C 27/108Pressure SensitiveFoundation
MM03 UC 28/108·Knight Man·Character
MM03 R 29/108Flail & ShieldAsset
MM03 R 30/108Flail StrikeAttack
MM03 UR 31/108Knight CrusherAttack
MM03 C 32/108Knight SlamAttack
MM03 R 33/1081000 DuelsFoundation
MM03 UC 34/108For Chivalry and HonorFoundation
MM03 UC 35/108Mace MasterFoundation
MM03 C 36/108Respect for Yamato ManFoundation
MM03 UC 37/108···Mega Man···Character
MM03 UR 38/108Rush Jet AdaptorAction
MM03 UR 39/108Astro CrushAttack
MM03 R 40/108Gravity HoldAttack
MM03 C 41/108Noise CrushAttack
MM03 R 42/108A New RivalFoundation
MM03 UC 43/108Nearly ConsumedFoundation
MM03 C 44/108Peace InterruptedFoundation
MM03 C 45/108Suspicious of Mr. XFoundation
MM03 UC 46/108··Napalm Man··Character
MM03 UR 47/108Greek FireAsset
MM03 R 48/108Homing MissilesAttack
MM03 UR 49/108Napalm BombAttack
MM03 C 50/108Napalm SlamAttack
MM03 C 51/108DiplomaticFoundation
MM03 UC 52/108LonelyFoundation
MM03 R 53/108Master of WeaponryFoundation
MM03 R 54/108Walking ArsenalFoundation
MM03 UC 55/108·Slash Man·Character
MM03 UR 56/108Jurassic JungleAsset
MM03 C 57/108Egg DropAttack
MM03 C 58/108Raging SlashAttack
MM03 R 59/108Slash ClawAttack
MM03 C 60/108Deadly Up CloseFoundation
MM03 UC 61/108KleptomaniacFoundation
MM03 R 62/108Ready to PounceFoundation
MM03 C 63/108Wild TempermentFoundation
MM03 UC 64/108·Sword Man·Character
MM03 UR 65/108Let's Make This a Fair FightAction
MM03 C 66/108Fire SlashAttack
MM03 UR 67/108Flame SwordAttack
MM03 UC 68/108QuakeAttack
MM03 UC 69/108Hidden Behind FlamesFoundation
MM03 R 70/108Nothing PersonalFoundation
MM03 R 71/108Split BodyFoundation
MM03 C 72/108Stolen SwordFoundation
MM03 UC 73/108·Tengu Man·Character
MM03 UR 74/108Feel My PowerAction
MM03 C 75/108KamaitachiAttack
MM03 R 76/108Tengu DiveAttack
MM03 UR 77/108Tornado HoldAttack
MM03 C 78/108Arrogant and OverconfidentFoundation
MM03 R 79/108Bird of Prey··Foundation
MM03 UC 80/108King Army RecruitFoundation
MM03 UC 81/108Proud NoseFoundation
MM03 UC 82/108·Tomahawk Man·Character
MM03 UR 83/108Unlimited BladesAction
MM03 UC 84/108Feather ShotAttack
MM03 R 85/108Silver TomahawkAttack
MM03 C 86/108Tomahawk SlamAttack
MM03 UC 87/108Built for the TournamentFoundation
MM03 C 88/108Clear CutterFoundation
MM03 UC 89/108Incredible RangeFoundation
MM03 R 90/108Solar PoweredFoundation
MM03 UC 91/108·Turbo Man·Character
MM03 R 92/108TransformAction
MM03 R 93/108Crash DriveAttack
MM03 UR 94/108Scorch WheelAttack
MM03 C 95/108Turbo SlamAttack
MM03 UC 96/108Hi-Fi StereoFoundation
MM03 R 97/108No Air BagsFoundation
MM03 C 98/108Petrol PoweredFoundation
MM03 C 99/108Racing RivalsFoundation
MM03 UC 100/108·Yamato Man·Character
MM03 R 101/108YamatadamashiAction
MM03 UR 102/108Furaingu Yamato SupiaAttack
MM03 C 103/108Yamato SupiaAttack
MM03 UC 104/108Yamato SuramuAttack
MM03 R 105/108Nippon Banzai!Foundation
MM03 C 106/108Samurai RobottoFoundation
MM03 C 107/108Sushi no SonchouFoundation
MM03 UC 108/108Yari no TatsujinFoundation
MM03 P 1/1Dark LaserAttack


  • The Mega Man cards ·Gemini Man·, ·Skull Man·, Master of Magnetism, Deforester, Shield Ram, ·Napalm Man·, and Proud Nose are banned from tournaments.[2]

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